Albert Ware

U.S. Army, Afghanistan

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Albert Ware was born November 26th, 1982, in Monrovia, Liberia. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 10, when his father grew concerned about the military conflict there.

In 2004, Ware joined the Army National Guard, and joined the Army full time in 2006. He deployed twice to serve tours in Afghanistan.

Ware died on December 18th, 2009, in Afghanistan’s Arghandab River Valley when an improvised explosive device hit his vehicle. He was 27 years old.

Ware left behind three children, his wife, sister, and parents.

His father Thomas Ware and his stepmother Anna Ware tell his story.

The family of Albert Ware at his burial. His stepmother, Anna Ware, says she learned the news of her son’s death when two army officials knocked on the door of the family home one evening. “One would not look me in the eye,” she says. “I knew.”
Pallbearers from the 82nd Airborne Division accompany Albert Ware’s casket at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL. “I wanted the military to bury him in a military style,” says his father, Thomas Ware.
Sergeant Albert Ware, 27, of Chicago, died December 18, 2009, on his second tour in Afghanistan. He was killed in an explosion of an improvised explosive device.
A member of the Patriot Guard Riders pays respect at the service for Albert Ware. The group honors fallen soldiers around the country.
Massa Cooper, Albert Ware’s mother, reaches toward his casket. The family talked to Ware by phone one night in Afghanistan, and found out about his death the next. “We didn’t know we were saying goodbye,” says Anna Ware, who raised Albert as her son from age ten.
Thomas Ware, the father of Army Sergeant Albert Ware, embraces a guest at the funeral service for his fallen son at the Freedom Temple Church in Chicago.
Albert Ware's sister, Ciatta, says goodbye at his funeral service.